Below are a few of the latest restoration projects that I have worked on


MK3 3.0 Sport

After removing wings and other rotten plates the rebuild is underway.

Replacement inner wing tops, top plates and underwing strengtheners, then moving back, A pillars, inner and outer sills and floorpan sections all to be replaced before unpicking the rear end of the shell.The advantage with using large repair panels is that progress can soon be made and good strength can quickly be put back into the shell.

Purple velvet M2 2 1.6 GT - ongoing progress

Getting close to the finish of the GT build.
Car is now up and running, just a few niggling electrical faults to deal with after the long lay up.

Interior, last few bits to finish cleaning and refitting. Heater unit to refurbish and fit as the one in the car is seized solid. MOT and put some miles on it before it goes back to the customer.


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Latest Ford Capri projects

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