An update on the Lacquer red 2.8 Injection Special

This had the passenger inner wing top replaced recently as well as numerous other repairs.
Engine bay has been repainted and I am now in the process of rebuilding/refitting parts before refitting the engine.

Cosworth BOB

I carried out this conversion approximately 4 years ago. The car then went back to the owner for repaint and rebuild.
It has been painted but unfortunately the owner is too busy with other things so it has come back to me to be finished.

customer refurb

customer refurb

Oyster Gold Project Cars

Some pictures of two of the project cars. Both are Oyster Gold.The MK2 is finished, just some shakedown miles and a full valet to do. The MK3 3 litre is the latest complete strip down, dip, repair, paint and rebuild. Interior is good, only a couple of small repairs. It will have a mechanical overhaul, brakes, suspension etc. As much of the original car will be retained, parts will be refurbished etc.

MK3 Ghia - Acid dipping

Customers MK3 3.0 Ghia just back from the acid dipping process. Nowhere for the rust to hide, now for the repairs.

MK2 2.0 GL in Oyster Gold

Customer restoration nearing completion. MK2 2.0 GL in Oyster Gold. Total ground up strip repair and rebuild, has rechromed bumpers and fully retrimmed interior to refit then finished off and MOT'd.

1985 2.8 Injection Special

This car has already had numerous repairs to replace previous bodges. In the pictures you can see the passenger side inner wing repair taking shape. It was decided to use a full length inner wing repair panel due to the numerous and poor patch repairs done previously.

Once the inner wing is repaired then new strengthener panels will also be fitted before the outer wing is fitted

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