280 Brooklands

5th February 2018

Brooklands 280, now totally stripped down including doors, bonnet and tailgate, now awaiting its trip to the dippers.

29th August 2017

  • The latest arrival for restoration is this 280 Brooklands, 1986, been stood for over 15 years.
  • The plan is to strip totally, replace/repair panels as necessary, refurbish replace suspension, brakes, strip, inspect and rebuild engine and refurbish the interior then rebuild the car.
  • First impressions are not too bad but experience tells me that there will be a few surprises along the way!

4th December 2018
Stripping down of the Brooklands 280, This one has never had any previous repairs carried out on the bodyshell but it will be needing the now usual inner wing tops and strengthening plates, headlight bowl drivers side, both outer wings, outer arches, inner arch, passenger side, lower rear corners.

Floorpans seem pretty good, only one hole discovered so far. No doubt the dipping will highlight some more areas but so far there's nothing unexpected.