Late MK2 GL

Plan is to restore it almost to original spec with a few subtle mods as requested by the owner.

  • Original green interior is going back in.
  • As much original trim, engine.
  • Gearbox etc will be refurbished and refitted.
  • Total overhaul of suspension, brakes.
  • Once the stripdown is finished then the shell will go off to the dippers.
  • Once dipped and repaired the shell will be re dipped and protected.
  • Repainted in the original colour Green.

4th December 2017

Shell and removable panels are now stripped and ready to go to the dippers. We'll post more pictures when it gets back.

6th January 2018

Green MK2 GL ready to go off to the dippers. Shell doesn’t look too bad but let’s see what the dipping unearths. Original tailgate and drivers door were too far gone to be dipped so replacements have been supplied.