2.8i Capri in BMW Midnight Black

March 2018 Update

  • Ongoing build of the Midnight Black 2.8i.
  • Progressing smoothly, all exterior except sunroof now installed
  • Exhaust  & fuel lines to fit.
  • Electric fan to wire in.
  • Interior is mostly in, just dash and front seats to refurbish,
  • All parts either refurbished or brand new.

Black 2.8i, cooling system.

The owner requested that the standard viscous fan was not to be refitted so I had the radiator recored with a larger capacity core. Then a kenlowe electric fan was supplied and fitted using specially designed light alloy brackets rather than mounting the fan onto the radiator through the cooling fins.

The standard plastic radiator cowlings can still be fitted. The fan is wired up via a radiator switch from a Ford Focus which screws into a boss incorporated in the recored radiator. This means that all of the hoses remain as standard, no cutting into them to fit a fan switch.

Thermostat is the correct 82 degree item and  waterless coolant is to be used.

  • The black 2.8i wearing its new coat of BMW Midnight Black.

  • The badly fitted RS bodykit has been replaced by a neater front spoiler and side skirt kit, all exterior trims, bumpers etc will either be new or refurbished.

  • There is a set of original Brooklands 15 inch alloys to go back on.

  • More pictures to follow once the rebuild gets underway.