Cosworth BOB

Update March 2018

  • Now has 15 inch RS 4 spokes, wildwood 4 pot calipers and larger discs and also has a Blackline LSD unit in the rear axle.


  • Currently the front seats are having heating elements fitted. Should be ready for MOT shortly.
Red cosworth
Red cosworth
  • Ongoing rebuild of the Cosworth BOB conversion.
  • Most of the exterior is now done. Sunroof to be refitted and refurbishing of the bumper corners, indicators etc.
  • All parts fitted are either refurbished original parts from the car or new replacements.
  • The interior requires some minor repairs before being valeted and refitted. Also, the heater will be fully refurbished with new parts as the motor has long since died.
Original front indicators for the Cosworth build. Cleaned and refurbished and finally refitted into bumper.
  1. Heater box from the Cosworth, motor is seized solid, resistor is burnt out also.
  2. Box split apart to remove the components, Matrix is fine so it was flushed out and refitted.
  3. New motor and resistor fitted. Heater unit then rebuilt, control cables lubricated and adjusted.
  4. Finally tested on both slow and fast speeds ready for refitting into the car.

The build progressing, bumper corners now refurbished and fitted, now onto the interior.