MK2 1.6 GT in Purple Velvet

March 2017

Another build, this time a MK2 1.6 GT in Purple velvet.

This car has been mothballed for a few years but now has been given the go ahead  for rebuilding.

Exterior trim etc being refitted, also engine bay taking shape. Engine was running fine before the strip down so will be given a light refurbishment and detailing.

  • Engine now fitted and being detailed.
  • Side and door glass installed, window and door trims all fitted.
  • Original indicator units refurbished but new replacement headlights to replace the original poor condition units.

May 2017

  • Getting close to the finish of the GT build.
  • Car is now up and running, just a few niggling electrical faults to deal with after the long lay up.
  • Interior, last few bits to finish cleaning and refitting.
  • Heater unit to refurbish and fit as the one in the car is seized solid.


August 2017
test passed, just a couple of shakedown runs to do then a complete valet and she's ready to go back. .